When it doesn’t go that well…

Tomorrow I have an event at work, so I thought I’d make a cake. I made a chocolate cake yesterday, and I was going to decorate it with buttercream roses and for the first time ever I was going to use two colours at the same time for a lovely two-tone effect. It looked amazing in my head.

Then the cake turned out dry, but I thought I’d slap on enough buttercream to save it. Then when I levelled the cake, the top layer fell apart, as it was so dry. I thought I’d rescue it with buttercream. Then I made 1,5 kilograms of buttercream, which only just about was enough to fill the 10″ cake and crumb-cover it. There wasn’t even enough left for two roses, let alone a whole cake covered with them. I didn’t have enough butter or icing sugar to make what probably needed to be at least another 2 kgs of buttercream. Also, it’s so warm at the moment the buttercream just softened as I spread it on.

The cake is now in the bin. I will have to go and buy a cake tomorrow as I am set on having cake at this event, I even bought a candle to go on top.

I thrashed around stuff in the kitchen, stomped upstairs and had a cry, because that’s what I do. My lovely fiancĂ© talked me down, but I kept coming up with all kinds of reasons I suck at making cake and I shouldn’t make my own wedding cake and I could never do this properly and I suck some more. I have calmed down now and I have promised never to use this recipe book again for cakes, as the lemon and madeira cakes from the same book came out dry too. Great for decorating tips, but I’ll use different recipes next time.

So, this weekend, I am going to trial the middle tier of my wedding cake. I have been given the advice to write down everything I do, quantities of icing and ganache used, and if that turns out ok, I have a document on how to do it for real in a few months’ time.

I am my own worst enemy and put so much pressure on myself. Although I will never resort to saying ‘it’s only cake’, but it’s way too important for that…