First photo of the cake

Wedding cake

Wedding cake

Thanks to my friend E, here’s a first glimpse of the wedding cake. It’s not perfect, but it was delicious. People went back for seconds, thirds and sometimes even fourths. More photos to follow later when I have my brain back again after a wonderful, yet tiring, weekend.



And it’s done!

Wedding cake!

Wedding cake – detail

After a few days of hard graft, my wedding cake is done. Although I won’t breathe a sigh of relief until it’s in a box and at the venue tomorrow and it has survived the, albeit short, car trip.

I won’t reveal the whole cake yet, as that’s reserved for the wedding day itself, but I thought a little teaser detail would be nice.

MrFoxyBakes has given his approval and so have my folks, who are here at the moment.

It’s not perfect, but I made it and I’m happy with it.

I’m signing off now for a week or so, to get hitched and go to Paris.


Tomorrow, the big bake commences: I will start making my wedding cake. Well, I have kind of already started. The last few days I have spent some making hydrangea petals with Beau Sugarpaste. The first batch I did, took ages to dry, I thought it was going to not set for, like, forever! It dried in the end though and subsequent batches have been much better and all petals are now so hard, that if they fall, they will shatter. As it’s supposed to.

So, tonight, the butter for the cakes will come out of the fridge and I will be disciplined and set the alarm for 8am, so I can get started. I have appointments in the afternoon, so that will give me 7 hours to bake 3 cakes, which should be enough. And make ganache to use on Sunday. After I purchased Planet Cake, an Australian baking book, I feel very confident about ganaching. The Aussies seem to prefer ganache to fondant, which I suppose with the humidity and heat makes sense. Any excuse for a new cake decorating book though…

So, tomorrow it starts. I’m hoping I will stay calm, I have a tendency to stress out when things don’t go my way in the kitchen. But, the recipes are tried and tested, I have practised icing and all that jazz, so it should all be ok, right?

I’ll post pics of progress here, but I will keep the reveal of the cake until after the wedding. Which is a week tomorrow. Oh my…


Let the cakes begin

Wedding cake, pre baking

A crate load of unhealthy stuff

Tonight MrFoxyBakes and I went to the supermarket to buy the ingredients for our wedding cake. As you can see, it’s a crate full and this doesn’t include some of the icing I already have and I realised I also need lemons and raspberry jam. That will have to be bought next week then.

In the crate is 2kg of white chocolate, 3 kg of flour, 1.5 kg of sugar and 800 gr of dark chocolate, amongst other things. Oh, and almost 2kg of butter. Basically, a heart attack in a crate.

This crate of bad goodies means two things: 1) our wedding is approaching fast, 2) I really now have to make this cake. So, Sunday will see the start of the hydrangea petals being made and then next weekend I will start the actual baking and decorating. I will post photos of my progress and I might give you a sneak peek of the end result before the wedding…

The Crossing-Border Cake: Part I

Tonight I was asked by friends of mine to make a cake for their wedding for about 50 people. The wedding is in 6 weeks’ time, so plenty of time to prepare myself. There’s a, albeit lovely, snag: the wedding is in Spain. This brings a whole new level to cake-making logistics.

It was hinted a few days ago they wanted to speak to me about cakey things, so me being me, I already thought about A Plan. I rang the airline today asking if I was even allowed to bring home baked goods with me and the orange airline said yes. Win! So, after a Skype chat with my friends, we have decided that I shall be making the cakes here, in my house, in my own, slightly  unreliable oven (although it always comes up trumps since I’ve had an oven thermometer!) and I will finish them in the kitchen of our holiday villa in the undoubtedly beautiful Spanish countryside.

We’re yet to finalise flavours, but my suggestion was a lemon cake with lemon curd and white chocolate buttercream and a chocolate cake with a salted caramel buttercream. I’m guessing Spain will be home to some amazing tasting lemons, so I shall make the lemon curd there. I’m hoping that the buttercream will be ok in the Spanish heat, as long as the cakes can be in a fridge for most of their pre-eaten life. My friend will make sure the ingredients for buttercreams and lemon curd will be waiting for me upon arrival at the house, which is amazing!

So, I shall check in a suitcase (I wrote suitcake initially, now wouldn’t that be cool?) with two cakes, an electric hand whisk, a lemon grater and with all my digits crossed it will all be fine!

I shall keep you all posted on the journey of the border-crossing cake.

Making your own wedding cake: Part I

So, yes, call me crazy: I am making my own wedding cake. I am getting hitched in September and after many weeks of looking around on the internet finding cakes and bakers that I like, I fell off my chair at the sheer cost of the damn things. I know, I know, I know, you pay for skill. It’s not easy to make a wedding cake, trust me, I know. I made one for a friends’ wedding last year, but it got me buzzing about it and I wanted to make one again. Hence I’m making my own. I am also very picky with flavours and as I have many coeliac friends and I’m a nice person, the cake has to be gluten free.

Making the wedding cake, for me, is part of the general wedding excitement. I have spent more time looking at potential cakes than at dresses. I have spent months agonising over flavours, up to the point where mt fiancé said that he doesn’t care about the flavours, anything I make will be tasty. Not.Good.Enough.

So, I have been reading recipe after recipe, trying to work out what I want. Cake is mentioned on the invitation, so I figure it’s one of the main events, after the whole I Do thing… I have decided though and I haven’t changed my mind in almost a month, so I think these flavours are the winners:

Bottom layer: vanilla madeira cake (no Victorian sponge, not firm enough to carry the weight of the other two layers), with white chocolate butter icing and raspberry jam, sealed with a white chocolate ganache and then iced with ivory icing

Middle layer: lemon madeira cake, with white chocolate ganache and homemade lemon curd, sealed with white chocolate ganache and iced with ivory icing.

Top layer: chocolate and banana sponge with dark chocolate ganache and salted caramel butter icing, sealed with dark chocolate ganache and then iced with ivory icing.

I made a trial cake for the top layer already…

Banana cake with salted caramel butter cream

And iced:

Decorated cake
The icing will be different, I was just having fun with texture mats!

I am hoping to get some nice lacey ribbon for the cake as well, I have seen something nice in John Lewis.

And now the important question: what chocolate to use for the ganache???