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Patisserie des Reves

Patisserie des Reves

A week today, I will just have arrived in Paris. MrFoxyBakes and I are spending a few days there after the wedding for a mini-moon. Our honeymoon isn’t until January, but we wanted to go away for a few days after the wedding as the thought of going straight back to work just didn’t sit right!

So, off to Paris we go. We will see some sights, but the main purpose of the trip is to eat, drink and be merry. I expect bread, wine, cheese and steak will feature heavily. But I’m mostly looking forward to the pastries and chocolate.

I have been devouring Clotilde’s Edible Adventures in Paris and now I have a problem: which places to visit for baked goods? Pierre Hermé is a given, La Patisserie des Reves as well. For balance I will have to go to Ladurée as well. I have three days. I don’t know I can fit it all in.

I am so excited by the prospect of all the food and amazing wine, I can hardly wait!



Pierre Hermé

Pistachio, ceylon cinnamon and Morello cherries macaron

A few weeks ago I visited the Pierre Hermé boutique in London. It was during my hen do, and I will do a proper blog about this later as we did a chocolate tour and it was amazing.

I literally bounced up and down with excitement when we were about to enter the boutique. The amazing, vibrant colours of the macarons and the deep, brown hues of the chocolates; it was heaven.

I bought some macarons and oh my word, they were amazing, just divine. The flavours, the texture, there are no words how lovely they are. Expensive, but worth every single penny!

So, if you’re ever in the extremely posh bit of London near Knightsbridge, do go and visit this amazing shop and treat yourself!