Thoughts on ‘homemaking’

I am a homemaker at the moment. I hate the word, but there’s not really any other way to describe it. I hate the word housewife even more and I think homemaking is much more than housewifery.

For the first time in 12 years, since I’ve started working, I am without a job. Well, I had a brief spell of unemployment when I moved to London in 2006, but it didn’t last as long as my current situation. Both times the unemployment was gone into by choice after moving country. This time round I’m very lucky we’re in a situation we can afford me being unemployed for a bit.

I thought it would drive me crazy, the not working. It is to a certain degree. I miss the structure to my day and I miss having my own money. I miss the human interaction an office provides and I miss the sense of accomplishment brought on by being successful at work.

I think, however, that some of this is replaced by feeling accomplished when looking after your home. And I am not talking about cleaning and tidying. I am talking about making your house your home by making things that reflect your personality. I have just finished sprucing up our dining chairs. We have two different pairs, making four chairs in total. One pair had awful cream loose cushion on them and the fabric was so stained and horrid. A few weeks ago I made some simple covers for them and today I made chair covers for the other set of chairs. I will post about this later.

My sewing skills are still very limited, but my confidence is growing and I feel very accomplished having done this. I have taught myself a new skill. And I have made the flat more homely and us in the process.

I read an interesting article in a Dutch magazine about women not wanting the big, high-flying career and choosing to work part-time or stay at home altogether.  It was a great read and these women decided that there’s more to life than work long hours. I have worked full-time all my working life and have never really had the energy to do creative things. Oh yes, I have knitted many a thing, but I now have the energy to teach myself new skills, like sewing and crocheting. And I am starting to see the value of homemaking.

I am very much hoping I will be employed soon, but I am also hoping I will have some time during the week that will allow me to do some crafty projects and some homemaking as well.


One thought on “Thoughts on ‘homemaking’

  1. I know the feeling well! Since Stu and I moved to the US, I’ve been job seeking, but no luck as yet. And I had to sell my sewing machine in the UK, and I want to get a job before I buy another one, so all I have is my knitting. Unfortunately, Florida is roasting hot and super sticky, so knitting is taking a back seat.

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