I sewed something and it hasn’t fallen apart… yet…

iPad Sleeve

iPad Sleeve

It was MrFoxyMakes and my first wedding anniversary a few days ago. I was a bit stumped for a present, so I looked online for some inspiration. You know those lists which tell you what kind of material your wedding anniversary is? Well, the UK thinks your first one is cotton and the US one thinks it’s paper. I decided on cotton, as it meant I could use my extremely limited sewing skills. Turned out MrFoxyMakes used the US list and got me something from paper! Oh well…

Anyway, the iPad sleeve. Now, it’s by no means perfect. It’s probably a bit wonky as I’m finding sewing in a straight line still rather tricky (you should see the stitching on a hem I did on a pair of trousers that were too long…). The little corners to keep the iPad in place are different sizes, because I thought I’d be clever and then turned out I was really quite stupid. But hey, the iPad fits and MrFoxyBakes is over the moon! That’s the main thing, right?

I used a lovely pattern from Craftsy, which worked well enough. I changed it slightly though as I only did one pocket, not three as in the pattern. I was a bit stumped by the instruction ‘make bias tape’. Uhm? How do I do that? I couldn’t work it out, as the internet just assumes you have a nifty little accessory that makes the bias tape for you. So, in the end I just winged it really. The result wasn’t great, but it keeps the sleeve closed and it fits round the button…

This project was my introduction to Fat Quarters and I found a lovely website called The Eternal Maker and they had this lovely Patty Young Just My Type fabric. It caught my eye as MrFoxyBakes loves his typography and he’s also just my type. Obviously.

Would you like to see some pictures? Yes? Good!

Oh look, the inside!

Oh look, the inside!

Cute as a button

Cute as a button









I have also been making cushion covers, but they’re not quite done yet, so more on those later.

Now I must go and stop procrastinating and do stuff…


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