Foxy Makes

Hello! Welcome to Foxy Makes. It is a new incarnation of my old blog Foxy Bakes. Foxy Bakes was really a baking blog, but these days I bake less and actually make more.

A few things have brought this on.

In July I moved country for MrFoxyMakes’ work. This sounds a lot more dramatic than it is. We had the opportunity to move to Holland from the UK. For me, this was great as Holland is my homeland, and I lived here until 2006 when I moved to the UK. This move meant I gave up my job and I am currently gainfully unemployed.

To keep myself entertained and to provide a break from writing job applications, I have turned to craft. I have been a knitter for the last good few years, and I am now adding crochet and sewing to my crafty skills. Well, I say skills… I am ok at crochet and very much a novice at sewing.

I am very lucky my mum is a fantastic sewer and she has been helping me lots so far. I have a few projects I will post over the next few days and also a tutorial on how to make a new cover for a futon mattress, which my mum and I painstakingly made these last few days.

So, I hope the blog change will allow me to actually update it more. For now, I have to go as The Great British Bake Off is on in five!


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